State Capacity for AH

For over 20 years, SAHRC has served as a technical assistance and training resource for Title V/Maternal and child health programs, state adolescent health coordinators and other state level public health professionals focused on adolescent and young adult health. 


Connecting the Dots
New SAHC Orientation:

SAHRC works with AYAH NRC partners to provide orientation trainings for new SAHCs every 2-3 years to explore: navigating the SAHC role in the context of MCH; identifying & using evidence-based practices for adolescent health; engaging partners (including youth), and strategic planning and action for adolescent health. SAHRC also tracks and welcomes new SAHCs to connect them to key resources designed by and for them.

Resource Library

SAHRC work with AYAH NRC partners and NNSAHC to create tools and resources for SAHCs and other state level public health professionals to help them understand their role as champions for young people, and to curate resources in the field focused on adolescent and young adult health issues, practices and systems.

Tailored Technical Assistance

SAHRC provides tailored technical assistance to state adolescent health coordinators on strategies such as strategic planning and youth engagement, and provides topical expertise on a variety of adolescent and young adult health issues.

State Capacity & Strategic Planning Tools from SAHRC and AYAH NRC partners:

Strategic Planning Guide


Improving the Health of Youth, Adolescent Health Strategic Planning Guide for State MCH Programs


State Adolescent Health Strategic Plans & Products SAHRC compilation of state AH strategic plans and products, including examples from more than 20 states from 1997-2018. Google spreadsheet with links to Dropbox for PDF copies of plans.

Strategic Planning for Adolescent Health – SAHC Peer Learning & Sharing Call, September 29, 2020
A peer learning and sharing call for State Adolescent Health Coordinators, featuring examples from three states' strategic plan experiences, and an overview of strategic assessment and planning tools for SAHCs and MCH programs. [Recording] [Strategic Planning Tips and Tools for SAHCs

System Capacity Tool

System Capacity for Adolescent Health: Public Health Improvement Tool, assessment and discussion tools designed to assist state maternal and child health programs in assessing six areas of capacity to support effective state adolescent health programs.


Conceptual Framework for AH

The Conceptual Framework for Adolescent Health (2005), theoretical basis for addressing adolescent health MCH programs, including definitions of adolescence.


SAHRC provides logistical support to NNSAHC for leadership team calls and activities, regional calls for state adolescent health coordinators (SAHCs), content development and management for, and administration for the NNSAHC listserv for SAHCs.