Understanding Adolescence

SAHRC provides tailored resources and learning opportunities to help state public health professionals understand adolescents (and adolescence) with a developmental lens, and to consider how public health can support young people as the move through the developmental tasks of adolescence.  For more information on the below resources or tailored opportunities and resources for state adolescent health programs on adolescent development, please contact SAHRC staff.

SAHRC Fact Sheets and Pubs
Developmental Stages of Adolescence - Fact Sheets

Brief and concise research syntheses on the developmental stages and tasks of adolescence.  Spanish adaptations available thanks to the Colorado Department of Health and Environment’s Title V/Maternal and Child Health Program.

    SAHRC videos and webinars
    Understanding Adolescence, SAHRC YouTube Video Series
    1. The Basics (21.03 minutes)
    2. Development Tasks (Body) (25.04 minutes)
    3. Understanding Adolescence (Developmental Tasks, Sense of Self, Relationships) (32.56 minutes)
    4. Understanding Adolescence (Now What?)
    SAHRC Fact Sheets and Pubs
    Youth Need…

    An exploration of fundamental supports and opportunities youth need for healthy development, based on research and practice, Positive Youth Development strategies to address those needs, and how public health can play a role.

    SAHRC Tools

    Adolescent Developmental Timeline Activity - Facilitator Instructions and Materials
    An activity designed by SAHRC specifically for SAHCs and MCH professionals to lead small groups through an exploration of the stages of adolescent development and apply it to their work.

    Adolescent Developmental Lens Case Study Exercise 
    An activity designed by SAHRC for individuals or groups to analyze youth behaviors that are traditionally misunderstood and responded to incorrectly by adults through a developmental lens, and to identify developmentally appropriate strategies for use by participants, organizations and communities with and/or for youth.  



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