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For more than 20 years, SAHRC has been an advocate for state adolescent health programs, and a key partner among national organizations and federal agencies to improve the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults.  

SAHRC is a funded partner in the Adolescent & Young Adult Health - National Resource Center (AYAH NRC), funded by the HRSA's Maternal and Child Health Maternal and Child Health Bureau.  The AYAH NRC aims to promote adolescent and young adult health by strengthening the abilities of State Title V MCH Programs, as well as public health and clinical health professionals, to better serve these populations (ages 10-25).  SAHRC's work with the AYAH NRC is grounded in creating public health approaches to adolescent and young adult health with a positive youth development lens.  Our work with the AYAH NRC:

Supports Healthy Youth Development... by helping state public health professionals:

  • Understand adolescents and adolescence
  • Create the “foundational supports” that all youth need to develop, be healthy, thrive and flourish 
  • Engage young people as leaders
  • Build public will for healthy youth development
  • Redefine how data is used to support healthy youth development
  • Articulate adolescent health as a priority through strategic planning and other strategies

Improves Adolescent & Young Adult Healthcare... by supporting state public health professionals:

  • Create youth-centered healthcare services and settings
  • Partner with young people to improve healthcare
  • Market health to and with young people
  • Improve healthcare access, quality, policy & practice 

We accomplish this through a variety of programs and products tailored to state-level adolescent health professionals.

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