About Us

SAHRC is located within the University of Minnesota's Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Healtha nationally-recognized community of adolescent health researchers rooted in a long tradition of advancing healthy youth development in practice and policy. 

Through tailored programs and products, SAHRC supports Healthy Youth Development by helping state public health professionals:

  • Use data to support healthy youth development
  • Make adolescent health a strategic priority
  • Create the supports that all youth need to thrive 
  • Engage young people as leaders
  • Build public will for healthy youth development

Since 2000, SAHRC has offered regular, orientation trainings for new State Adolescent Health Coordinators as a core building block of AYAH workforce development. 

These national trainings introduce SAHCs to tools like the NNSAHC website and searchable database, and resources like our SAHC Orientation Guide) for navigating their role within the context of MCH; identifying and using evidence-based practices for adolescent health, engaging partners (including youth), and strategic planning to advance adolescent health. 

SAHRC also powers and provides infrastructure for the National Network of State Adolescent Health Coordinators (NNSAHC), a professional membership network led by state-level volunteers. Through meetings, listserv conversations, and steady connection to technical assistance and resources, NNSAHC state level adolescent health professionals a place to convene, share information, set priorities, and build community.

SAHRC About Us