Adolescent & Young Adult Development

Adolescence is a time of significant development, growth and change, second only to infancy. It’s a time of exploration, when adolescents are figuring things out and taking charge.  During this key developmental time, adolescents accomplish development tasks that help them move into adulthood ready and prepared.  When youth have foundational supports (caring adults, connections to school and communities, basic needs met, opportunities to make a difference), to help them develop, thrive, prosper and flourish, they are less likely to be involved in risk behaviors, do better in school, and are more likely to believe in their own abilities!

SAHRC provides tailored resources and learning opportunities to help state public health professionals view adolescents and young adults with a developmental lens, and to consider how public health programming can support young people as the move through the developmental tasks of adolescence.  Visit our related resource libraries below for SAHRC fact sheets, videos, webinars and tools related to the developmental stages and tasks of adolescence.

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