Youth-Centered Care

Youth Centered Care (also known as youth-friendly care) provides a framework that weaves together the standards for health care with the qualities that young people and are entitled to and demand (including youth-friendly experiences, settings and services). Through this, health care providers and systems are guided to do the “right thing” (evidence-based care) the “right way” (care designed for young people).

SAHRC provides tailored resources and learning opportunities to help state public health professionals consider ways weave youth-centered and youth-friendly care into their programs and partnerships.

SAHRC Tools & Compilations

Youth-Centered Care Elements & Examples Compilation
Compilation of key elements of youth-centered care based on the World Health Organization’s eight global standards for youth-centered care. The document identifies eleven key elements, and explores: what each element means, what it looks like in practice, and relevant state and national examples demonstrating that element. An accompanying Searchable Resources Companion Tool provides examples of/links to more than 150 resources and examples from 33 states. Compiled by SAHRC in partnership with the National Network for State Adolescent Health Coordinators.

SAHRC Webinars (Archives)

AYAH NRC Tools & Resources

It Starts With Them: Ensuring Youth Centered Care and Family Inclusion (23 mins, February 2021).  This video presentation from the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs explores the range of definitions of youth-centered care and common pitfalls in adolescent health systems related to healthcare delivery and programming.  With an entertaining and important discussion on the different between dryer sheets and velcro, this presentation also discusses the importance (and influence) of parental/caregiver involvement in ensuring youth-centered care.
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Evidence Based Strategies to Increase Adolescent Well Visits and Improve Care (Dec 2017)
Compilation of strategies to increase adolescent well visits featuring examples from Title V/MCH programs.

Compendium of State and Local Resources (2016) 
Compilation of promising practices from “top performing” states related to improving access to health insurance and quality preventive visits among adolescents and young adults.

Adolescents Vs. Young Adults Health Care Infographic 
Infographic depicting the differences between adolescent and young adult health care access and needs.

Adolescent and Young Adult Health Measures - A Menu of Options for Practice-Based Quality Improvement 
A set of standard process measures intended to be used as a reference tool to provide guidance to practices measuring improvement in health care quality specific to adolescents and young adults, from the from the National Improvement Partnership Network, a partner in the AYAH NRC.