Framing & Communications

As members of the adolescent health community we all, both as individuals and in our agencies or organizations, have a role to play in shaping how people think about adolescents (and adolescence) and supporting young people to be healthy. 

SAHRC provides tailored resources and learning opportunities to help state public health professionals and their partners communicate about adolescent health and health care to young people, parents and professionals.

Marketing the Adolescent Well Visit to Parents Tools

Center AWV tools

Promotional materials from the Adolescent and Young Adult Health National Resource Center (AYAH NRC) to support Title V program work addressing National Performance Measure 10—increasing the percentage of adolescents who receive an annual preventive visit. The full package of promotional materials for parents includes:

(1) Parent FAQ Sheet: This Q&A style fact sheet answers parents most pressing questions related to the well-visit
(Versions available: a) Center-branded tool; b) customizable tool in PDF format)

(2) Infographic: Visual representation of the Parent FAQ Sheet that includes all key points about the value of the well-visit for parents of AYAs
(Versions available: a) Center-branded tool; b) customizable tool in PDF and JPEG formats)

(3) Infographic Elements: Five small, standalone infographic elements for use in social media, existing brochures, websites, posters, etc.
(Versions available: a) Center-branded tool; b) customizable tool in PDF and JPEG format)

94) Cover letter for public health professionals that introduces each promotional material, and provides distribution strategies to engage parents via school-based health centers, state Medicaid agency, etc.

Click on the above links to download the full package of Center-branded and customizable materials.



Framing Adolescent Health - SAHRC Webinar Series (2018)

Basics of framing (what is it, what’s the difference between framing and marketing/ communications, how do we craft well framed messages); framing recommendations for communicating about adolescent health in general, and sexual health specifically; and considerations for framing equity, disparities, social determinants.

Marketing the Adolescent Well Visit (2017)

Thought-provoking ideas and concepts from commercial marketers to inform our approaches to engaging young people in health including concepts such as: Millennials & Founders; Market Disrupters, Co-Creation and youth engagement, and health literacy.